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Is This Elderly Florida Man Really A Cat Burglar? (Video)

Florida cops think that an elderly gentleman who appears to be harmless could actually be the cat burglar who has been preying on luxury apartments in a Coral Gables residential building.

Surveillance footage shows the man in front of the building looking into the lobby. Police believe that the man pretends to be confused so that residents will hold the door for him and he can gain access to the building, The New York Daily News reported.

Once inside, it’s theorized that he uses a crowbar to break into the apartments.

Building resident Andrea Bonggi said she had clothes and a $10,000 Rolex watch taken from her apartment. She claims to have previously seen the gentleman punching the building’s passcode into the security system.

Coral Gables Police believe the man may have broken into as many as seven other apartments in the area.

A video of the suspect is below:

Sources: The New York Daily NewsNBC Miami


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