Elderly Couple Gets Stuck in Mud for Two Nights After Following GPS (Video)


Doris and Charles Garton recently drove from Ridgecrest, Calif. to Oregon for a RV rally and entrusted the trip to their GPS system.

Unfortunately, the GPS led them off onto an Oregon logging road where they got stuck in the mud behind some fallen trees for two nights.

Their troubles started when they suspected the GPS was leading them in the wrong direction.

The elderly couple wanted to turn around, but their GPS instructed them to keep driving forward, which they did.

“The trees started really closing in on us. We should have stopped then and called 911 for an alternate route to get out of the situation,” Doris told CBS Los Angeles (video below).

“It was nice to sleep in absolute darkness, no street lights. And the bears didn’t come to visit. And no deer came peering in the window."

Deputies from Roseburg, Ore. eventually found the seniors, who refused to leave their motor home, reports KCTV 5 News.

Rescue volunteers worked with deputies on Monday afternoon to get the motor home out of the mud and back on the road that night.

No word if the Gartons will keep using their GPS.

Sources: CBS Los Angeles and KCTV 5 News


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