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Elderly Couple Brutally Beaten By Woman In Restaurant (Video)

An elderly couple in Arkansas was attacked by a 33-year-old woman while dining at a Little Rock restaurant after they asked the woman to stop cursing on her cell phone call.

Little Rock Police have charged Jocelyn Thornton with second-degree assault and battery after she attacked Don Francis, 74, and his wife Bettye Francis, 69, at the Cuisine of China restaurant.

According to reports, Dom Francis asked Thornton to stop cursing while she was talking on her cell phone in the middle of the restaurant. Thornton was not happy after being confronted by Francis, and she allegedly got into the elderly man’s face and pushed her into the table. Bettye Francis then tried to intervene, but that just angered Thornton more, and she proceeded to push Bettye into the table and punch her in the face. The entire incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

Terry Richard, a professor at University of Alabama at Little Rock, says that while these types of situations seem to be on the rise, the issue of cell phone usage and even the use of profanity are generational.

"They feel perfectly comfortable using obscenities that we find extremely vulgar, particularly older individuals,” said Richard to KATV. “We never used those terms, now we may have used them with friends or colleagues, but never in a public type situation. And it is disturbing now. You can find people with cell phones and their talking to other individuals and they use what we call curse words at a much more frequent level than we've ever seen.”

So far, the elderly couple has declined to publicly comment on the incident, and Thornton remains in police custody.


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