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Elderly Chinese Woman Nearly Starved To Death By Own Children (Photos)

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China woman Xiaoming Tsui was nearly starved to death by her own children after they decided they no longer wanted the expense or hassle of caring for her.

The 90-year-old was found in her bedroom by police, emaciated and begging for food.

“Please, feed me, feed me,” she begged.

Tsui had survived off water and oatmeal, which her neighbors had snuck in while her two children were away. Although her neighbors were unaware that Tsui was being starved, they certainly had the impression she was being mistreated, and are therefore believed to be the ones who anonymously alerted police of her condition.

According to a police spokesperson, Tsui had fallen ill and her children were tired of caring for her. Instead of nursing their mother, Tsui’s children locked her in a room and attempted to make it look as if she starved herself.

“They didn’t send their mother any food, telling her it was so she didn’t need the bathroom,” the spokesperson said. “[They] would allow no-one in to see her.”

The spokesperson added that, in police opinion, the event was not just a family dispute but calculated murder.

The brother and sister now face a serious charge of attempted murder and have since been arrested while police prepare their case.

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Sources: Inquisitir, DailyMail

Photo Source: Daily Mail


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