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Elbert Guillory Jumps from Red to Blue, Marking First Pro-Gun African American Louisiana Senator Since Civil War

Sen. Elbert Guillory of Louisiana can’t seem to make up his mind. The African-American lawmaker was originally a Republican, but he became a Democrat in 2007 when he ran to become a member of the House of Representatives. But now he’s done being a Democrat – Guillory has returned to the GOP as a senator.

He made the announcement during a luncheon with conservative African American voters from across the state. The move isn’t terribly surprising – he has taken a conservative stance on many issues despite his allegiance with the Democratic Party.

Gun rights was one of the issues that encouraged Guillory to flip-flop back from his earlier flip-flop -- a flop-flip, if you will. Guillory released a video wherein he proudly holds a weapon and says, “This is my daddy’s 1892 double-barreled shotgun.” He adds, “Guns are an important part of American culture and American freedom.

If Guillory’s unreliable political views have left voters with questions, this video details in no uncertain terms how he feels about the issue of gun rights. Gun rights supporters can rally behind Guillory, but conservative Democrats might have a hard time overlooking the recent betrayal.

Of course, Louisiana is a historically pro-gun state. If voters aren’t happy with Guillory’s flip-flop, they won’t have to look hard for a lawmaker who supports gun rights and has a stable political position.

Guillory’s arrival in the GOP is a historical event. There haven’t been any Republican African-American senators in Louisiana ever since Reconstruction, according to The Advertiser. Considering that Reconstruction ended in the late 1800s, this marks a major turn-around for the historically white-dominated GOP in Louisiana.

The only question is whether Guillory will remain in the GOP for long. Between his constantly evolving political position and skeptical voters, Guillory may have a short career as Louisiana's only pro-gun African American GOP senator.

Source: The Advertiser


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