Elaine Cook Bites Off Boyfriend’s Tongue on Valentines Day

We’ve all heard about the bloody way that Valentine’s Day began for Olympian Oscar Pistorius in South Africa, but it appears as if that was not the only incidence of violence on the supposedly romantic day. In Chicago, 51-year-old Elaine Cook spent the night of Feb. 14 in a jail cell after she bit off her boyfriend’s tongue.

According to The Daily News, Cook and her boyfriend returned to her apartment and got into an argument. At some point Cook asked her boyfriend, a 47-year-old man who has not been named, to leave her residence.

The man attempted to rectify the situation by giving Cook a kiss. He probably wishes he hadn’t. Assistant State Attorney Eve Reilly said: “He told her they should stop fighting and went to kiss her, and she bit off a large portion of his tongue.”

After Cook bit him, the man ran to the sink in the kitchen and placed his severed tongue in a bag of ice. He was then taken to the hospital. Unfortunately doctors were not able to reattach the piece of tongue because of “inadequate blood supply.”

Cook is facing a felony charge of aggravated domestic battery because of the violent incident. However it does not sound as if all is lost for the couple. The man, who is missing more than half of his tongue, is still concerned about Cook and her well-being.

“It makes me sick to my stomach that she's sitting in jail right now, but it's just out of my hands,” he said.  The couple has been dating for 10 months.

Cook’s boyfriend may not have had his heart broken over the incident, but his body is still in pretty rough shape. The man said he has been visiting the doctor on a daily basis, has multiples sutures in his mouth and has difficulty sleeping at night. 

Source: (The Daily News)


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