Eight-Year-Old Boy Suffers Cardiac Arrest After Baseball Hits Chest, Woman Saves His Life

An 8-year-old baseball player in New Jersey was hit in the chest by a baseball, resulting in him falling unconscious and suffering cardiac arrest. But his life was saved by one woman who was watching the game.

When Ian McGreevey was running to third base, he was slammed by a baseball that knocked him to the ground at a ballfield in Harrington Park. Maureen Reneghan, the wife of the coach, ran onto the field when he fell down and started CPR.

She had taken a CPR class 20 years ago but never had to use it in a real-life situation.

"I saw this beautiful child on the ground, and you think of your own children, and I think any mother would do the same thing," she said. "I just ran and just tried to save him."

The coach dialed 911 and told all players to get off the field. While the boy's eyes were open, Renegan said he was not breathing and she could not feel a pulse.

She knelt down and started pushing on his chest. When nothing happened, she began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 

After 30 seconds, he started breathing.

"On the fourth puff, he choked and I felt a heartbeat," she said. "And he turned over and threw up."

The boy, who police are saying suffered from cardiac arrest, was flown to Hackensack University Medical Center.

His mother, Lisa McGreevey, said he was released on Sunday and they are setting up a heart monitor in their home.

She said she wants young baseball players to be required to wear chest protectors on the field.

Though McGreevey and Reneghan have not met, the boy's mother said she is forever in debt to her.

"I thank God she was there because I don't know what would've happened if she wasn't," McGreevey said.

Sources: NY Daily News,North Jersey


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