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8 Reasons to Vote for Pamela Anderson on DWTS

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If you've been watching Dancing With the Stars (DWTS), you already know that Pamela Anderson's got the moves, but it's what she does for animals that moves us. Here's what you can do to help Pam snag that cool disco-ball trophy: Call 1-800-868-3411; text the word "vote" to 3411; or go online and vote for Pam eight times.

Here are the top eight reasons to get everyone you know (yes, even people who have never seen the show) to give their eight online votes to Pam tonight:

  • She helps the homeless. Putting the "giving" back into Thanksgiving, everyone was thankful when she dished out plates of faux turkey at a homeless shelter in Las Vegas.
  • She narrated a KFC exposé video. If you think her DWTS outfits are revealing, just check out this "behind the bucket" look at KFC cruelty.
  • "Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard ...." Now she's brought her very own vegan delight to West Hollywood's Millions of Milkshakes.
  • She dances for bulls. Turning a paso doble into an opportunity to speak out against bullfighting? Muy cool.
  • She fights for seals. She's not afraid to rumba, but she's also not afraid to rumble with Canada's prime minister or to strike a pose to help "stamp" out the annual seal slaughter.
  • She'll jump through hoops to fight against the abuse of animals in entertainment. Pam urged Chile's prez to ban animal circuses.
  • "Cruelty doesn't fly" with Pam. Playing a bad cop for a good cause in a sexy anti-skins video—need I say more?
  • She axed an Axe endorsement deal. Blinding bunnies for a noxious body spray? Pamela knows that animal testing stinks.

BTW—DWTS is on at 8 p.m. tonight. Isn't eight great? Call everyone you know and have them call in to help Pam win!

Posted by Amy Skylark Elizabeth


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