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Baby's Hair Is So Thick It Gets Blow Dried Every Day (Photos)

An 8-month-old baby is becoming a new viral sensation for her thick head of hair.

Parents Adam Rattab and Annabel Murchie were surprised to see their newborn baby, Maya, was born with a full head of hair, reports the Daily Mail. Friends and doctors assured the couple the hair would thin out as the baby aged. But, if anything, her hair has grown thicker.

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"Everyone said her hair will start falling out around the back as she gets older, but it hasn't," said Rattab. "Now she's basically got a little bob, it goes to her shoulders."

Maya, who lives in England, now has to undergo a meticulous, time-consuming routine every day to maintain her hair. Because she is teething, Rattab says a lot of drool gets into her hair, so it needs to be washed every day. And, because her hair is so thick, it must be dried with a hair dryer.

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"It just gets messy, so we have to wash it in the bath pretty much every day," Rattab explains. "It takes a while, and we have to use a hair dryer because a towel just doesn't work properly. If we left it to dry naturally she would be there forever, just cold and wet."

Luckily, Maya doesn't seem to have a problem with her hair routine and rarely makes a fuss, instead sitting "patiently" while her parents dry, brush and style her hair.

"She loves staring at the hair dryer and tries to out her face in front of it," Rattab says. "She sits there patiently while her hair is brushed. We like to put it up in a knot but she sometimes has [braids] around the sides which lead into a ponytail. Even I've had to learn how to do her hair!"

Experts suggest that the amount of hair a baby is born with depends on the parents' genes and ethnicity, according to Hairfinder. Usually, a child born with a thick head of hair will lose a fair amount of it within the first few weeks. When a baby is inside the womb, it receives a large amount of hormones from its mother, which could stimulate hair growth. But, after the baby is born, the hormone levels drop off, which could stop the hair from growing.

Maya's thick head of hair at such a young age seems to be an anomaly, surprising everyone she comes in contact with.

"People in the street come up to her and call her little dolly, they can't believe how much hair she's got," Rattab says. "They always ask how old she is and when I say she's only 8 months, they're so shocked because they think she's more like 3!"

Sources: Daily Mail, Hairfinder / Photo credit: adamrattabjj/Instagram

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