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Eight Of 40 Women Who Slept With Town Romeo Get Some Life-Changing Bad News

After a number of women discovered a Romanian man they slept with had died of AIDS, over 40 went to be tested, and now, reports say that eight have tested positive for HIV.

At 24-year-old Daniel Decu’s funeral, a shouting match broke out among many of the man’s lovers after it was acknowledged that he had died from AIDS. Decu had reportedly been registered as living with HIV for many years, but it wasn’t publicly disclosed until his funeral.

Decu had a reputation as being a playboy of sorts, and upon learning what he died of, around 40 women that he slept with over the years went to get tested.

At one point, Decu’s doctor Cornel Stanciu discovered that his daughter was forming a relationship with the man and threatened to publicly oust him so that women would be protected. Decu’s mother came back with her own threat, however, telling Stanciu that she would sue him if he disclosed her son’s condition publicly.

“I knew he had a lot of female friends but there was nothing I could do about it,” said Dr. Stanciu to investigators. “I started to warn them, but from the moment they told me to stay silent and not say anything, I didn’t. I’m not surprised that we now are in the position that we are, because he had many female friends.”

Decu’s mother Elena Secu says that her son got his first girlfriend at the age of 12 and cautioned him to always wear a condom because he was living with HIV, and now that the massive amount of women are in uproar, claiming they didn’t know about his illness, Secu is actually claiming the contrary.

“They all knew, I don't know why they are saying these things now,” said Secu, according to Mirror UK. “Dani went to the psychologist to prepare himself for living with the virus, and I told him he had to use protection, I was telling it to him from the age of 12. My boy had condoms in his pocket all the time. I want this case to be resolved, and for my boy to rest in peace in his grave. He died because of tuberculosis, not from any complications as a result of suffering from the HIV virus.”

Reports note that despite Secu’s claims, tuberclerosis is actually a known complication of being HIV positive.

Now, with eight women testing positive for HIV, a total of 10 known victims are living with the virus and claim that they were unaware that the 24-year-old had it when they engaged in sexual activity with him.

Nicolae Popa, mayor of the town what Decu lived in, says that the man’s mother should take the blame for all that’s transpired since his death.

“The boy's mother is to blame for the terrible situation that we now find ourselves in,” said Popa. “It is only now that it has become clear that the family physician knew he was HIV positive and tried to make the situation public. When he started to do so he was threatened with a lawsuit by Daniel's mother.”

In Romania, a person can be punished for transmitting HIV is they are aware they have it.

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