Egypt’s Uprising Has Link to Marijuana Prohibition

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The Wall Street Journal is reporting that two police who are accused of brutally killing a young man in Alexandria Egypt have escaped jail and are at large. The death of Khaled Said helped trigger Egypt’s popular uprising.

The escape occurred when police fled their posts during clashes on Jan. 28, and police stations throughout Alexandria, Egypt's second largest city, were set on fire, the defense and prosecution lawyers told The Wall Street Journal on Sunday.

Witnesses say that Said was beaten by police in an Alexandria Internet Cafe after he was arrested in June. Gruesome pictures of his misshapen and unrecognizable face after the beating that left him dead were posted on a Facebook page that protested his treatment. It was his death under police custody that became a rallying point.

It was the Facebook page protesting his death and showing the pictures of his beaten face that was the first to call for Egyptians to take to the streets against the government last month. The police defense is that Mr. Said choked to death on a bag of marijuana that he tried to swallow when he saw policemen come into the Internet cafe. The lawyer for the police has said that the damage to Mr. Said’s face occurred during an autopsy.


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