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Egyptian Statue Appears to Move by Itself (Video)

A ten-inch Egyptian statue appears to gradually rotate itself inside the Manchester Museum in Manchester, England.

After turning 180 degrees, the black statue has to be turned around again by a museum employee.

The bizarre event was captured on time-lapse video (below) and posted on YouTube where it has gone viral with over 370K views.

"I noticed one day that it had turned around," museum curator Campbell Price told the Daily Mail. "I thought it was strange because it is in a case and I am the only one who has a key. I put it back, but then the next day it had moved again."

"In Ancient Egypt they believed that if the mummy is destroyed then the statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit. Maybe that is what is causing the movement."

However, Physicist Professor Brian Cox claims that vibrations caused by passing visitors could make the statue turn.

"Brian thinks it’s 'differential friction' where two surfaces, the stone of the statuette and glass shelf it is on, cause a subtle vibration which is making the statuette turn. But it has been on those surfaces since we have had it and it has never moved before. And why would it go a round in a perfect circle? It would be great if someone could solve the mystery," added Price.

The statue is reportedly an offering to Osiris, the Egyptian god of the dead.

Source: Daily Mail


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