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Egyptian Kleptomaniac Ali Afifi Cuts Off Both Of His Hands To Prevent Future Stealing

An Egyptian man with an addiction to stealing (kleptomania) recently made a drastic decision to prevent him from stealing again: he cut off both of his hands.

Ali Afifi, 28, says he has fought a lifelong battle with his stealing addiction. As a child, he would impulsively take his classmates school lunches. But his problem grew more serious as he ages. As an adult, Afifi frequently stole from retail stores. He admitted to stealing phones and jewelry from shops on several occasions.

He would often sell the items he stole. Afifi said he doesn’t enjoy stealing, but he feels an irresistible urge to do so. To prove his disdain for his habit, Afifi donated the money he made from stealing to poor families in need.

But Afifi could no longer deal with the shame and guilt he brought himself by stealing. To fix his problem, Afifi laid his hands out on a set of train tracks as a train was getting ready to pass. The train severed both hands.

Many presume he punished himself in accordance with his interpretation of Sharia law. Interpretations of Sharia law vary from culture to culture, but in some countries hand amputation is an accepted punishment for theft.

Judicial amputation has been banned in Egypt for years, but who needs the law when you can, well, take matters into your own hands. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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