Mechaphile Edward Smith Claims He Has Slept With Over 700 Cars (Photo/Video)


A Washington man revealed on a British morning television program that he loves cars so much that he has had sex with more than 700 of them.

Edward Smith, of Yelm, Washington, who first became interested in cars when he was 14, went on to sleep with over 700 models, ITV’s “This Morning” reports.

“I began an interest in the beauty of cars when I was turning just 15 years of age. It woke something up inside me," the 63-year-old told hosts Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden.

Smith is a mechaphile, a person who is sexually attracted to machines, and he admitted to shagging with Mustangs, luxury Jaguars and even a helicopter.

Smith says he basically just unzips but keeps his clothes on.

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But Edward has left his days of promiscuity behind for now and revealed that he has settled down with his current flame, a white Volkswagen Beetle called Vanilla, because she holds a special place in his heart, Metro notes.

He has had actual human girlfriends in the past, but says that nothing compares to his cars.

Smith made headlines in the U.K. before, with the Daily Mirror reporting in 2013 that he “bonked” more than 1,000 vehicles, one per week.

“Some guys look at boobs and bums on beautiful women. I look at the front and rear on beautiful cars,” he said.

BuzzFeed notes that Twitter went crazy over the “man who lost his virginity to a Volkswagen Beetle.”

I bet he was 'gone in 60 seconds..' #sexwithcars

— Razor Sharpe (@Razor_Sharper) October 14, 2014

Not tonight dear, I'm tyred. #sexwithcars

— MarLen (@MarkLeneve) October 14, 2014

This guy on #ThisMorning... Hope he uses protection.

— Ryan Love (@RyanJL) October 14, 2014

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