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Edward Myers Arrested for Helping Teen Son Set a Boy on Fire

Edward Myers was arraigned on Wednesday for allegedly pouring nail polish remover on a 7-year-old boy and allowing his teen son to light the child on fire, which Myers then recorded.

Myers was reportedly dating the boy's mother, who was not present during the incident in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania.

According to the victim, Myers’ two sons, 15 and 11, shot at him with pellet and airsoft guns after his mother left the home.

Myers allegedly poured nail polish remover on the boy's shirt and used his cell phone to film his 15-year-old son lighting the young boy on fire, reports CBS Pittsburgh.

According to the police report, "None of the Myers called anyone to help him" and "it seemed like hours before his mother came back and took him to the hospital."

The boy suffered third-degree burns on his face and chest.

Myers has been charged with several crimes, incuding aggravated assault, recklessly endangerment, simple assault, and possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia.

The 15 year old is also facing similar charges.

Source: CBS Pittsburgh


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