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Convicted Sex Offender Sentenced To 40 Years For Hiring Hit Man To Kill Prosecutor (Video)

Edward Carreon, 32, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for sexually assaulting a child in 2011. While in jail, Carreon hired a hit man to kill the prosecutor in the case. Now, Carreon has been sentenced to an additional 40 years for the solicitation of murder for hire.

Carreon, a Chicago native, hired a man to kill the pregnant lawyer that put him behind bars in the child molestation case. Carreon hired the hit man, "Marcus," from inside of the prison. He learned about the assassin from another inmate in 2011.

Unfortunately for Carreon, the call that he thought was going to an assassin went to an undercover sheriff’s department official. Carreon offered the man he thought was an assassin $25,000.

According to WGN, Carreon corresponded with the undercover officer for an extended period of time, even writing him letters describing how he wanted the execution to play out. “Two shots to the head is what I want,” he wrote in 2013.

Carreon told "Marcus" to also destroy any evidence from the child molestation case, a recorded phone call revealed.

During several meetings in 2013, Carreon identified the prosecutor in pictures.

The prosecutor did say that her entire family was shaken up by the assassination news. However, she still works at the attorney’s office.

Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said, “While this was an extremely alarming threat to the safety of one of my assistant state’s attorneys, we also consider it a threat to the integrity of our entire criminal justice system, so we are extremely grateful for this verdict.”

Carreon was in prison for sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl multiple times in 2011. He attempted to convince her that the sex was consensual when she turned 13.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Carreon lived two blocks from an elementary school in Chicago.

If he serves the entire length of his sentences, Carreon will be released from jail when he is 97.

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