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Edith Casas Will Marry Her Twin Sister’s Killer on Valentine's Day

Edith Casas will marry her twin sister’s killer today in a truly twisted Valentine’s Day ceremony.

Victor Cingolani is currently serving 13 years in prison for murder. According to the Daily News, Johana Casas was killed just before her 20th birthday back in August of 2010. Cingolani, an ex-boyfriend of Johana's, was convicted of shooting her in June of 2012.

Cingolani allegedly had an accomplice in the crime, Marcos Diaz. Diaz was also a former lover of Johana’s. He will be on trial for his role later this year. Cingolani maintains that the only person who committed murder was Diaz and that he is completely innocent in the matter.

Edith and Cingolani were supposed to get married back in December, but her family put a stop to the ceremony and said that the young woman was guilty of a “terrible betrayal.” In order to prevent the marriage from happening, Edith’s mother, Marcelina Orellana y Paola, asked the civil registry to determine whether her daughter was of sound mind to wed.

The investigation wrapped up in January, and authorities decided that there existed no legal reason why Edith could not get married. The wedding is supposed to happen today.

Cingolani said from his jail cell: “I would have loved it if my wedding had been peaceful. I don't want any mess. I understand the situation in her family. But they have to understand me in that what I do, I do for love.”

Twenty-five guests are expected to attend the civil ceremony, but don’t expect to see Edith’s mother there.

Marcelina said that she will be boycotting the event. “We are terrified of things that we are living,” she said. “He is involved as the principle author of Johana's death. He killed her, there is no doubt.”

Edith believes in Cingolani’s innocence and is backing him in an appeal of his conviction.

Source: The Daily News


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