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Eddie Vedder Remembers Newtown Shooting, Calls for Gun Control (Video)

Rock singer Eddie Vedder recently stopped a Pearl Jam concert at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn. to remember the 20 victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting last year.

Vedder said during the Oct. 26 concert that he met with three fathers of children who were killed in Newtown (video below).

"It's okay, it's not just okay, it’s necessary that we continue a discussion to figure out how to unravel the situation where something like that can happen and make sure the odds of it happening again are very slim,” said Vedder.

After the audience applauded, Vedder said, "They want to defame you and take away your right to speak."

“If we were louder, it can happen, we just have to be louder and we have to let the politicians know that they will be reelected if they do what we ask, and we are asking for them to do it now," stated Vedder. "Because what we don’t want is for any of those children’s lives to be wasted.”

While some fans called the concert "epic" and "awesome," the pro-gun conspiracy website falsely accused the singer of turning "a blind eye to the deaths of innocents caused by the U.S.’s own covert drone program."



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