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Eddie Simmons Allegedly Sold Stolen Car Online Then Stole It Back

A Chicago-area man is in trouble after he allegedly sold a stolen car via Craigslist, stole it back from the buyer and then attempted to sell it to undercover cops.

Eddie Simmons, 22, also known as William Anderson, is charged with three counts of burglary.

Simmons sold a 2010 Toyota Camry via Craigslist on Wednesday, according to court records. Via a GPS he had attached a GPS to the car, he was able to track it to his buyer's garage and then steal it back sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, The Chicago Tribune reported.

He was finally arrested on Friday when he tried to sell the car again, this time to undercover police officers. When he was arrested, Simmons possessed altered or forged paperwork for the car. Police are not sure who the Camry actually belongs to but they are sure it is not Simmons.

“The car in question is, in fact, a stolen car,” said Assistant State's Attorney Bridget O'Brien.

Sources: The Chicago Tribune, DNAinfo


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