MDMA Pills Shaped Like Donald Trump Sold In UK (Photos)

MDMA Pills Shaped Like Donald Trump Sold In UK (Photos) Promo Image

Ecstasy pills shaped like President Donald Trump's head are making their way onto streets in the U.K., where a site selling the drugs claim they "make partying great again."

The pills, which are produced in Amsterdam and sell for more than $1,500 for 1,000, have been gaining popularity in the U.K. rave scene, but some are warning that they may contain dangerous amounts of MDMA, according to Daily Mail.

"There are so many pills about these days with so many different names and brands to attract punters," said a source in Manchester, the Daily Star reports.

"It's getting to be a game of 'who's got the coolest pill?'" said the source. "I know for a fact Donald Trumps are very popular because of who he is. Who'd have thought you can get an E in the shape of the U.S. president? Well, you can. And they are here. They're going for about [$10] a pill or [$26] for three."

"Quality orange Donald Trump tablets," advertises one website selling the Trump pills, according to Rave Jungle. "Very nice press, really detailed. Comes in the actual shape of the head of the president of the USA."

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"These pills will blow your head off," it adds.

The Trump pills were being sold on encrypted "dark web" drug sites, and also from U.K. dealers in Holland.

They were reported to potentially contain a hazardous amount of the drug at 220 mg.

In June, police warned the public about "Ikea" ecstasy tablets which were blamed for at least one death.

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Kyle Pringle, 18, reportedly died after he took the drugs. Investigators found evidence that the "Ikea" pills were related to Pringle's death.

According to police, the pills, which were labeled with a logo similar to Ikea's, are "much stronger than expected," and caused a number of partiers to be hospitalized.

"We strongly advise members of the public not to take these tablets in the interest of their health," said a spokesperson for the States of Jersey police, reports The Sun.

"Anyone who does take the tablets and becomes unwell [is] urged to seek medical attention through their GP or in an emergency, attend at the Accident & Emergency Department."

Joanna Burns, 22, also died in June after taking MDMA when she was celebrating her college degree.

"It’s a risky time to be taking Es if you don’t have them tested beforehand," said the Daily Star's source. "Not only are there dodgy batches doing the rounds, there are also super strong pills out there that are simply dangerous in the wrong hands.

“There'll definitely be more deaths in the coming months because people don't know what they’re taking," the source added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Rave Jungle, The Sun, Daily Star / Photo credit: Tanjila Ahmed/Flickr, Daily Star, Getty via The Sun 

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