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East Haven Cops Kill Dog in Front of Kids

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It was an idyllic afternoon in this quiet East Haven neighborhood. At Michael Dadio’s house on George Street, his girlfriend’s kids played in the back yard while his dad mowed the lawn.

Then the cops showed up.

They killed the family dog, tasered Michael Dadio Sr. and then arrested him — all because he didn’t show up to court on DUI charges. Dadio Sr. was not available for comment.

This overreaction by two East Haven police officers — in front of children — has upset neighbors on a street where many families own dogs.

“The way this happened was totally reckless,” says Dadio Jr. He says he went to the police to complain and was told, “It’s just a dog.”

via East Haven Cop Shoots Dog in Front of Children – New Haven Advocate.

According to the son, the cops shot this German Shepherd as it was barking in the back yard, as kids were about 25 feet away. The cops didn’t kill the dog initially; it lay there on the ground yelping and crying as it bled to death.

The cops in their report say they came upon “an aggressive dog/pit bull” and had to shoot it, even though the police report says nothing about the dog lunging, approaching, or trying to bite the officer who shot it.

“It’s just a dog.” It’s just their training to shoot the dog. It’s just an impediment to an arrest, a potential threat to the cops, no matter if it is a German Shepherd or a chihuahua… YES, a chihuahua, as this story from last year reminds us, all canines are handled “according to department policy”:

Police in Blue Ash, Ohio have shot dead a Chihuahua cross dog, but only after first tasing it.

5 year old Jack was the pet of the Bullock family, who bought the dog several years ago for their now 12 year old son. While the Bullock’s were out, Jack got out, and that’s where the police became involved.

If tasing and shooting a small 5 pound dog isn’t bad enough, the way the family found out about it was worse again. On returning home, they found three bullets and blood splattered over their front porch, along with a note to call the police about their dog.


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