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East Haven, Connecticut Mayor Joseph Maturo Gets 100s of Tacos

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Hundreds of tacos were delivered today to the office of East Haven, Connecticut Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. just two days after he was heavily criticized for saying he would eat a taco to show his support for local Latinos who are alleged victims of racial profiling, according to CNN.

The 500 tacos were sent from Junta for Progressive Action, an activist group that had launched a "text-for-tacos" campaign after the comment was made, saying that they would deliver one taco to the mayor for anyone who would text the word, taco, to 69866.

The group is an offshoot of the Reform Immigration for America organization. Maturo later issued an apology.

While some have called for Maturo's resignation, he has resisted any talk of stepping down. 

Maturo's comments were made on Tuesday after a local reporter highlighted the fact there are no Latino police officers in East Haven, CNN says.

The mayor issued the following statement today after receiving the hundreds of tacos at his office, according to WTNH:

"The Town of East Haven has received an abundance of tacos as a result of the campaign initiated by the group 'Reform Immigration for America.'  Recognizing that there are many in need in our State, we have arranged for all of the tacos to be donated to local soup kitchens and pantries including the 'Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen' in New Haven.

The abundance of tacos that we received today underscores the importance of the issues currently facing the Town of East Haven and highlights the need for the Town to continue the process of healing and reform that I initiated immediately upon taking office through the efforts of the Town's newly constituted 'LEARN' Committee.

The events of the past few days have focused our Town, and my administration, on the need to deal sensitively and compassionately with the challenges currently facing our Town.  We will continue to address those challenges while also striving to provide the services our residents have come to expect."


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