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Early Names Surface As Potential Trump VP Picks

Two names have surfaced early as potential running mates for presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump: Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and current Florida Governor Rick Scott.

Gingrich, 72, has a wealth of political knowledge that would prove invaluable in helping Trump navigate the complicated waters of Capitol Hill, the National Review notes. Gingrich, who also once ran for president himself, recently confirmed that he is interested in being Trump’s running mate.

"It is an honor to be mentioned," Gingrich told the National Review. "We need a new Contract with America to outline a 100-day plan to take back Washington from the lobbyists, bureaucrats, unions, and leftists. After helping in 1980 with Reagan and 1995 as speaker I know we have to move boldly and decisively before the election results wear off and the establishment starts fighting us. That is my focus."

While Scott may lack the Washington insider experience of Gingrich, he has repeatedly praised Trump throughout this campaign season.

"I think he is capturing the frustration of many Americans after seven years of President Obama’s very intentional government takeover of the U.S. economy," Scott wrote in a January op-ed for USA Today. "Have you tried to start a business recently? That used to be the American dream. But after seven years of endless and tedious regulation and taxation, it is nearly unaffordable to do so. Americans are mad, and I agree with them."

Unlike Gingrich, Scott has yet to confirm or deny his interest in the position. Under Florida law, Scott could return to his position as Florida's governor if he joined forces with Trump but failed to win the White House this November.

Sources: National Review, USA Today (2) / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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