Dying Felon Who Was Pardoned Robs Pizza Place, Wal-Mart

A terminally ill felon committed two robberies after receiving a pardon from Virginia’s governor.

John Saul Miller, 29, was serving a nine year prison sentence for robbing a Little Caesar’s pizza manager outside of a bank when he was diagnosed with advanced leukemia, WTVR reports.

Due to his terminally ill status, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe granted him a rare conditional pardon and he was released from prison in June 2015 with the requirement that he would wear a GPS monitor on his leg.

Four months after his pardon, Miller again robbed the Little Caesar’s restaurant, this time before the store was open for the day.

“He went into the store in the morning, before Little Caesar’s was open, and robbed the district manager who happened to just be there installing a credit card machine,” Richmond Prosecutor Elizabeth Hobbs said, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Miller had previously worked for Little Caesar’s.

Four days later, Miller armed himself with a .38-caliber handgun and robbed a Wal-Mart.

"I'm not going to hurt you,” he reportedly said during the robbery, according to WTVR.

Miller fled the scene in a car with police chasing him.

He crashed the car down the road and was taken into custody after officers had to use a Taser on him because he was resisting arrest.

He was charged with seven offenses for the Wal-Mart robbery, all of which have now been dismissed because Miller died on Feb. 18 while in corrections custody at VCU Medical Center.

His attorney in the Wal-Mart robbery case, Ashley Stone, told WTVR that he never told her what drove him to commit the crimes after being pardoned.

Sources: WTVR, Richmond Times-Dispatch / Photo credit: Chesterfield Sheriff's Office via Richmond Times-Dispatch

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