Dyan Cannon Asked About Cary Grant's Sexuality

Others have been asking questions – including Today Show anchor Ann Curry who had Miss Cannon on last week. Since her memoir is about her relationship with ex-husband Cary Grant, Curry did broach the persistent talk that Grant was gay or bisexual.

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Curry: “I need to ask you about what quieted your concerns, because there were all these rumors about his sexuality, what quieted your concerns enough to marry him because there were those images, he was such a good friend of Randolph Scott, of him with Randolph Scott, just Hollywood images. And since then so many rumors, what made you comfortable?

Cannon: “That part of our life was very fulfilling. there were no problems. There’s rumors about everyone in Hollywood. There’s rumors about everyone everywhere, But I never saw any of that as far as I’m concerned, that was not true. It had no foundation.”

Curry: “So what led to your breakup then was really perhaps what?”

Cannon: “Just the little things that happen in every marriage and I think also the fact of the LSD that he encouraged me to take because he thought it would help me, it would help our relationship. It didn’t help me. … Maybe also in part because of the way he grew up, he was controlling.”

As for Grant’s famous on-screen charm, Cannon said, “The charm you saw on the screen was 100 fold in person. He was a beautiful, wonderful, dear man.”


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