Off-Duty US Marshal Leaves Loaded Gun In Florida Mall Dressing Room

An off-duty U.S. marshal left his loaded gun in the dressing room at a Florida outlet mall last weekend, authorities say.

A customer discovered the gun in the Kenneth Cole dressing room at Silver Sands Outlet Mall Sunday afternoon and brought it to the attention of a store clerk. The clerk reported it to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies arrived at the mall, the marshal returned to the store to retrieve it.

The Atlanta-based marshal, who was vacationing in the area felt “pretty awful” about leaving the gun in a public place where anyone could have found it, according to sheriff’s spokesperson Catherine Rodriquez.

Deputies checked the marshal’s permits. No charges were filed.

“You normally find bubblegum, not guns,” said Kenneth Cole store manager Kenny Smith.

Sources: WTXL, Naples News


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