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Off-Duty Sergeant Kills Mugger During Hold-Up; Surveillance Video Catches All (Video)

An off-duty sergeant shot and killed an armed mugger who was trying to hold him up in a Chicago gas station parking lot with two other accomplices. The entire scene was captured on a surveillance video.

The video (below) shows an armed male running up to the sergeant, who is filling up his car. The two other robbers then join. The sergeant appears to comply with the armed man's orders, putting his hands up and appearing to hand something to the robber.

Then the sergeant draws his gun and fires a shot before anyone can realize what’s happening. Pretending to fumble with his money with his left hand, the man quickly pulls out the hidden weapon with his right—a gun pointed at him the entire time. The sergeant fires the armed robber point-blank.

The two other muggers, who may or may not have been armed, flee the scene. The man kicks the gun away from the injured teen who is struggling to get up, then gets his phone out of his car to dial 911.

Deonta Dewight Mackey, who lived in the neighborhood of the robbery, was pronounced dead at the scene. The sergeant was uninjured.

Police are still after the other two suspects.

Sources: Chicago Tribune


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