Off-Duty Police Officers Presence During Gang Attack On SUV Driver Remains Under Investigation (Video)

The NYPD investigation continues into how many off-duty cops were present when the driver of an SUV was attacked in New York City.

ABC News reports that two off-duty New York police officers were riding with the biker group whose members allegedly assaulted Alexian Lien, an SUV driver in New York City, and the NYPD is investigating why the cops apparently did not intervene. For what it’s worth, DNA Info New York is reporting there were six cops.

One of the off-duty officers is reportedly an undercover narcotics cop who came forward to his superiors days after the incident, according to officials. Sources told ABC News that he did not get involved in the beating out of fear that his cover would be blown.

A group of bikers, who had met for an annual bikers event in New York City, got involved in an incident with a man driving a Range Rover SUV. At the time the man was with his wife and young child in the car.

Apparently Lien accidentally struck one of the bikers in a group with his vehicle, sending the other bikers into a rage, according to The Inquisitr. A long chase ensued until the SUV was forced to stop at a traffic light.

During the chase, Lien reportedly struck one of the riders, who has injuries that his wife says will paralyze him for life.

Last week, Allen Edwards, who allegedly was involved in the attack on Lien turned himself in to police. Edwards is believed to be the man seen on video punching the window of the SUV. He has reportedly been charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and menacing.

Investigators are also looking into reports that three other off-duty cops may have been near the bike ride that ended with the alleged attack, but were not close enough to see the incident, officials told ABC News.

When some of the bikers eventually caught up with the SUV driver, they dragged him from his vehicle in front of his family, having smashed his window with their helmets. He was then beaten and his head was stomped on. He required stitches to his face, according to The Inquisitr.

Warning: The following video contains graphic violence.

Sources: ABC News, The Inquisitr, DNA Info


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