Off-Duty Police Officer Rescues Girl Sitting In Car During Attempted Theft (Video)


An off-duty police officer rescued a 4-year-old girl after a man drove off in the car she was sitting in while at a gas station with her mother.

East Point, Georgia, resident Tarena Evans was pumping gas at a RaceTrac gas station around 1:20 p.m. on May 15 when a silver sedan pulled up. As soon as Evans finished pumping gas, a man jumped into her car drove off with her 4-year-old daughter, Skye, still inside, reports 11 Alive. The silver sedan he got out of followed behind.

“Blink of an eye, at the gas pump, my car was pulling off,” she said. Evans quickly ran after the car to try to stop it from driving out of the gas station.

“I almost caught him,” she said. ”But I guess he saw me in the mirrors. So he barged through traffic and he sideswiped a lady's car to turn onto Camp Creek."

The off-duty officer, who watched the entire incident unfold while he was pumping gas, sped off after the suspect and followed him for 4 miles until the man ditched the stolen car and fled on foot. The alleged accomplice in the sedan also escaped.

“Once the perpetrator got out of the vehicle our officer secured the child and took custody of the child until additional officers got to him,” East Point police Capt. Cliff Chandler said.

Both the suspect who fled and the driver of the silver sedan are currently wanted by police.

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Sources: 11 Alive, YouTube

Photo Credit: Screen Capture 11 Alive


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