Off Duty Police Officer Charged With Hit-And-Run Of Teenager


Earlier this year, 18-year-old Dean Drukker was hit by an undercover police vehicle in Manchester, New Hampshire. The teenager suffered serious injuries. He was accompanied by his friend Noah Hickman, who took him to the hospital. The vehicle fled the scene after the accident.

New DNA tests confirmed that Drukker’s blood was found on the undercarriage of the police vehicle, UnionLeader reports. The driver in question was Manchester police Sgt. Stephen Coco, who was off-duty at the time. He has been charged with two felony counts of conduct after an incident for his hit and run, but he has yet to be indicted. 

Drukker’s attorney, Marc Hathaway, claimed that the charges had been reduced to misdemeanors. One of the charges alleges that Coco was “attempting to access information on a cell phone” when the accident occurred. 

Drukker, however, disagrees with the charges being reduced.

“We believe it’s clearly a felony,” Drukker said. 

The Drukkers claim that Dean and Noah were walking in the road when they noticed a car approaching. They moved to the side of the road and began walking single file, but the vehicle hit both of them, throwing Noah and running over Dean. Dean was knocked unconscious and left extremely bloody as Coco drove away. 

Drukker’s father maintained his disdain for the way his son’s case has been treated. 

“The point is, [Coco]’s a police officer; he’s trained in this. I believe you should have a higher standard, a gold standard,” Drukker said. 

Coco’s reason for fleeing the scene remains unknown. 


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