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Off-Duty Police Officer And Former Marine Arrests Young Soldier After Drinking At Restaurant (Video)

An off-duty male police officer in Columbia, South Carolina, was fired after trying to arrest a 23-year-old female army soldier in a restaurant. Now, after filing a civil suit in Richland County, her case has been moved to a federal court.

Back in October, off-duty Richland County deputy Paul Derrick was caught on camera in a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant attempting to detain a 23-year-old soldier for no apparent reason. Steven Hughes, the man who captured the footage, explained exactly why he decided to take out his camera phone.

“I said, ‘I’m going to start videoing this because I think something is about to get out of hand,’” said Hughes to local news station WIST. “And about the time I got my [camera] out, he had her turned around and was putting her in handcuffs.”

Hughes also went on to explain how Derrick, a former Marine turned Richland County police officer, brutally detained the soldier after a night of drinking and dining in the restaurant.

"It was stand up, soldier, stand up. This is what the Marines do to us,” said Hughes. “And then the next line is something along the lines of this is how the Army is treated by Marines. Let me show you.”

Ball can be seen, in the video, struggling with Derrick as he forces her hands behind her back and twists her body around. Ball is visibly in pain, but Derrick is relentless. Eventually, Columbia police showed up, and after reviewing the cell phone video, they arrested Derrick, not Ball.

Derrick was charged with assault and battery and was fired from the Richland County Sherriff’s Department after an investigation. Ball filed a civil suit in Richland County, but her case has now been moved to a federal court as a civil rights case. Ball says that she was “humiliated” by the video after it was posted online, and she has actually suffered permanent injuries as a result of Derrick’s brutal arrest.


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