An off-duty police officer in St. Louis fatally shot a biracial man who broke into his home on July 9 after the two had an online argument about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tyler Gebhard, 20, was shot dead after the officer, who has not been named, had had an argument with him Facebook about Black Lives Matter, which Gebhard supported, according to CBS.

Gebhard, who was known to the family and had allegedly sent online threats to them, reportedly arrived at the officer's house and rang the doorbell. The officer was home with his wife, mother-in-law and two children.

The family ran upstairs to hide after Gebhard attempted to come inside. Gebhard then reportedly grabbed a concrete planter, throwing it through a window in the house and coming in through it. Once Gebhard was inside, the officer shot him. He was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Gebhard had bipolar disorder, Daily Mail reports, and police said he had emotional issues. Gebhard's uncle, Patrick Brogan, described him to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as being "like a normal 20-year-old," but added that his family needed to remind him to take his medication.

Brogan said that Gebhard's mental health had deteriorated since starting his first year at Southeast Missouri State University. Gebhard was also a football player. He was listed on his college's 2015 spring roster as a walk-on fullback, but reportedly didn't play in any games.

Gebhard's Facebook wall contained posts about recent police shootings. Gebhard and the officer had had an argument on the social media site, in which Gebhard expressed his support for Black Lives Matter.

According to Brogan, several members of Gebhard's family are also in law enforcement, which he said made the circumstances of his nephew's death more painful.

"We are sick for both families because it was senseless," Brogan told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. "It was a senseless death."

Source: Daily Mail, CBS, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo credit: Facebook via Global News

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