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Off-Duty Officer Shoots Robbers While Holding Baby (Video)

Off-Duty Officer Shoots Robbers While Holding Baby (Video) Promo Image

An off-duty military police officer is reported to have shot two armed robbers while holding a baby (video below).

The video shows the moment Sgt. Rafael Souza saw two armed men robbing a pharmacy where he was shopping with his wife and their baby, according to WGHP. When one of the robbers aimed his gun at Souza, he fired his own gun.

The baby's mother hid in the store during the confrontation, while Souza held the child. After firing shots from his gun, Souza handed the baby to his wife.

The two robbers, 22-year-old Italo Creato and 24-year-old Jefferson Alves, were pronounced dead at the scene, reports the Independent.

Souza told investigators he had shot the men because he feared they would shoot him first if he had said he was a police officer.

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The incident, which took place at Bifarma pharmacy in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is under investigation.

Users online were split on Souza's actions.

One user referred to Souza as a "hero," but also worried about the child's safety. "He should have e left the kid somewhere," the commenter wrote.

"Poor baby," wrote another. "[Hope] he is not deaf or partially deaf for the rest of his life."

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"I hope he recovers his hearing," commented another user. "Very traumatic experience but Brazilians are resilient and that baby will grow up strong."

In another story, a Georgia woman protected her 8-month-old baby brother by jumping onto the hood of a car as carjackers tried to drive away on Nov. 19, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The 24-year-old woman, who was not named, reported that she had been strapping the baby into his car seat outside an apartment complex in DeKalb County when two men approached them to steal the car.

"This is very terrifying to watch a gun getting pointed in your face and watching your baby brother get taken away and you can't do nothing," said the woman.

She then heroically jumped onto the hood of the car and held onto the vehicle in an attempt to save her brother, said police.

"All I could think about was my brother," said the woman. "My brother is in that car. I don't care what they do with the car, just give me my brother."

The woman fell to the ground when she couldn't hang on the car's hood for any longer.

The carjackers reportedly left the baby boy half a mile away on the sidewalk outside of a convenience store, where assistant store manager Alex Robles found him.

"No parents, no nobody," said Robles. "I was in shock."

"He drops off the baby on the sidewalk, runs back into his car, and just speeds off," recalled Robles. "He hits a right on Rainbow and we don't seem again."

After the men abandoned the baby and drove off in the stolen car, the boy was reunited with his family.

Sources: WGHP, Independent, Atlanta Journal-Constitution / Featured Image: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr / Embedded Images: The Photographer/Wikimedia Commons, Robert Nelson/Flickr

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