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Off-Duty Officer Rosette Samuel Fatally Shoots Boyfriend, Baby In Murder-Suicide

A 13-year veteran of the New York Police department fatally shot her 1-year-old son and her boyfriend before ending her own life on Monday. Officer Rosette Samuel, 43, worked out of the 108th Precinct in Queens but lived in Brooklyn.

Cops found the bodies of Samuel and her baby lying on a bed. Her boyfriend’s body was in the hallway of the apartment that the couple shared. It is unclear whether the gun that she used was her NYPD-issued service weapon.

Police have not yet determined a motive for the killings but are checking Samuel’s emails to see if they can get some sort of insight into what she was thinking. No suicide note was found.

Samuel’s cousin, Jeff Joseph, lives a few streets away from the apartment where the shootings took place. He raced over on his bike when he heard that something had happened to his relative. He cried when he was told what had occurred.

"She was a very good girl," said Joseph. “She always did good with her life. I didn't make trouble because of her."

Samuel’s 19-year-old son from a previous relationship was able to survive that attack. He heard gunshots and ducked out of a back window. It is believed that he was responsible for calling the police, The New York Post reported.

A woman claiming to be Samuel’s aunt also lives nearby. "It's terrible," Agnes Samuel, 83, said. "For people to take a life like that. Oh, Lord!"

"The cop is supposed to protect the block. If she can't protect her own house, how is she going to protect the block? Some people just can't handle it," said a 44-year-old neighbor who declined to give his name.

Sources: The New York Post, The New York Daily News


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