Off-Duty Military Policeman Fake Surrenders Before Unleashing Surprise On Attacker (Video)


A gunman received a dramatic surprise when his so-called hostage pulled out a gun and shot the attacker down.

The footage was taken at a Sao Paulo gas station and uploaded by Brazilian news site Jornal Hoje. Although the video is time stamped for July 31, it was uploaded in early August and only gained popularity recently.

The video features a group of people standing near a gas pump. Suddenly, one man comes up behind all of them and takes a bystander hostage. A second man, who can be seen wearing a blue jacket, raises his hands in surrender.

However, before the gunman can make his next move, the man in the blue jacket quickly reaches into his clothing and pulls out a gun, then shoots the attacker. The attacker falls to the ground from the shot.

According to one U.K. news outlet, the man in the blue jacket was a military policeman and off-duty during the time of the attack. Jornal Hoje reported that the attacker was later hospitalized and in serious condition.

An investigation is currently underway.

To date, the footage has accumulated almost 1 million views.

Sources: The Blaze, LJReview


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