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Off-Duty Florida Cop Shoots Neighbor's Dog, Claims It Was 'Aggressive'

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Off-duty sheriff’s officer Sgt. C. Bradley Shivers in Jacksonville, Florida, reportedly shot his neighbor’s dog in the head on Friday after the pup wandered into his backyard through a hole.

According to police, the Florida officer called them and reported that he tried to scare the dog, named Goose, away with a rake. Shivers noted that he had dealt with the dog in the past and that the rake usually worked. This time, however, Shivers argued that the dog refused to leave and kept circling his pool while barking aggressively.

According to Shivers, he immediately ran into his home and grabbed his agency-approved personal Glock .27 with JSO-issued rounds inside. At that point, Shivers tried once more to scare Goose, a basset hound mix, off with a rake.

When Shivers unexpectedly slipped in the soft dirt around his pool, the dog reportedly lunged at him and he opened fire. Just as Shivers shot the dog in the head, the dog’s owner entered the backyard.

“We heard the shot … I feel sick, concerned … helpless,” Chelsea Pavish, the dog’s owner, said, according to WTSP.

Pavish immediately drove her pet to St. Francis Animal Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Pavish has since shared the story on Facebook and claims that there are holes in Shivers’ story. Pavish argued that it was suspicious how Shivers could run into his home to retrieve a weapon if her dog was acting so aggressively.

"He could have just gone in and closed the back door," she said Monday, according to the Florida Times Union. "I don't understand that mind set."

Pavish also challenged Shivers' claim that Goose was aggressive towards him.

"Impossible," Pavish said. "[Goose's] so lazy ... very goofy. If he was afraid, he would back away."

According to Pavish, she and Shivers have never had trouble in the past. She noted that he does have a broken fence and has neglected to fix it.

Animal Control did not respond to the scene and no files have been brought against Shivers.

Sources: WTSP, The Florida Times Union

Photo Credit: The Florida Times Union, Chelsea Pavish


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