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Off-Duty Deputy Catches 50 Pounds Of Cocaine While Fishing

An off-duty Florida deputy made a shocking catch when fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The deputy was fishing about 25 miles off Englewood Beach when he caught 50 pounds of cocaine.

Charlotte County Sheriff Bill Prummel said that the street value of the 25 bricks of cocaine found is estimated to be $2.5 million uncut and up to $12 million cut.

The Sheriff's office will not be releasing the name of the deputy who made the find due to safety concerns.

The drugs were turned over to federal investigators who are currently working to determine where the package came from and who may be looking for it.

"We know cocaine is out there, we know it's coming in through the waterways but it's not something we see on a regular basis," said Prummell.

Prummel added that a find like this is extremely rare.

Sources: Review Journal, NBC Miami

Photo Credit: Review Journal


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