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Off-Duty Deputy Arrested After Fight Over Parking Space (Video)

An off-duty Harris County, Texas, deputy was arrested after a man was filmed fighting with a woman over a parking space outside a Houston bar on April 30 (video below).

Brian Robert Jones was arrested and charged, reported WTRK.

A surveillance video shows a man and woman getting into an altercation that escalates when the man throws the woman down on the concrete multiple times. The woman keeps getting up and approaching the man, who eventually starts wailing on her with punches to drive her out of the parking space area.

A charge of assault with bodily force was dropped against Jones on May 2, noted KPRC.

The woman told police that she was trying to find an item in one of the parking spaces when the off-duty deputy informed her that a car was going to park there, which appears to be when the video picks up.

A Harris County District Attorney's Office spokesman said the incident is still being reviewed.

The woman was charged with failure to stop and give information, according to court records.

The sheriff’s office said that the deputy was put on non-law enforcement duty while the case is being investigated.

In more police news, the ACLU of Mississippi announced a class-action lawsuit against the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on May 8.

The organization issued a press release that accused the sheriff's office of "subjecting Black communities to unconstitutional policing tactics, including show-ID-and-search pedestrian checkpoints, roving roadblocks, 'jump outs' by plainclothes deputies in unmarked cars, and warrantless home invasions."

The ACLU of Mississippi posted a video of deputies allegedly forcing their way into Quinnetta Manning's home and threatening her and her husband with jail if the couple did not sign false witness statements. Manning and her husband refused, and they were allegedly choked and handcuffed in their living room.

The deputies were also accused of referring to the couple as "Crip" and "Mr. Cripple" because Manning's husband is disabled.

Deputies allegedly took Manning's husband, who was in his underwear, down some stairs and beat him until he agreed to to write a false statement. Manning, who recalled being terrified, did the same.

The ACLU of Mississippi said it was representing ten "[b]lack people -- men and women ages 27 to 62 -- who were unconstitutionally searched, detained, or arrested by the MCSD, sometimes violently, while they were merely walking to work, driving in their neighborhood, celebrating with family, or just spending time in their own homes."

Sources: WTRK, KPRC, ACLU of Mississippi, ACLU of Mississippi/YouTube / Photo credit: Elvert Barnes/Flickr

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