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Dutch Man Survives Fall From 4,000-Foot Cliff In Sri Lanka (Video)

A Dutch man miraculously survived falling off a 4,000-foot cliff in a Sri Lankan national park while attempting to take a picture wife his new wife.

Reports say that 35-year-old Mamitho Lendas was honeymooning with his wife in Sri Lanka, and while visiting World’s End, a tourist site in Horton Plains National Park, they decided to snap a picture at the edge of the massive 4,000-foot cliff.

While attempting to take the picture with his wife Linda, Lendas accidentally fell off the cliff. Miraculously, a tree 162 feet down the cliff wound up breaking his fall.

After a long period of waiting, the Sri Lankan Army was eventually able to rescue him. Lendas was taken to a local hospital where he was later discharged with only minor injuries, and while speaking to reporters, he acknowledged how terrifying the experience was.

“It was very scary and very painful as well,” Lendas recalled. “(At) the time, I was taking pictures and I had a misstep and I fell down backwards, two times, and then I sat in bushes for like three and a half hours and [it was] the longest three and a half hours of my life.”

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Reports say that Lendas is the first person to ever survive a fall off the edge of World’s End.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Telegraph / Photo Source: Daily Mail


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