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During Zimmerman Trial, 54 People Killed in Gun Homicides in Chicago Alone

While the media has buzzed about the George Zimmerman trial during the past few months, similar deaths because of gun violence, in one way or another, persist without much attention. Since June 10 when the trial began, 54 men and women have been killed because of gun-related street violence in Chicago alone. In the face of such high numbers, many are left wondering why the media chose to fixate on this particular case.

As noted by the Huffington Post, the day after Zimmerman was acquitted, 16-year-old Joseph Brewer Jr., a young black male like Trayvon Martin, was shot on his way to visit his infant daughter. In 31 percent of the 54 homicides, the victim was under the age of 19, like Martin. According to DNA Info, in 92 percent of the homicides, the victim was male. The substantial majority of victims was black.

The cost of so much waste of life is financial as well as emotional. Deaths like these cost the city of Chicago roughly $2.5 billion a year. Despite the high cost of life and livelihood, only one in four cases of homicide are solved. This is the lowest it has been in 21 years. According to Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy, the low rate of clearance is because of a pervasive “no-snitch code.”

Whatever the reason for this wanton violence, be it gun control, racism, poverty or education, young black males in particular are running out the clock as the media scrambles to make sense of it all.

Sources: Huffington Post, DNA Info

Photo: Chicago Mag


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