Durango High School Won't Publish Sydney Spies' Photo in Yearbook

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Durango High School, which sits on the main drag of a 14,000-person college town nestled in the Four Corners Area of the United States, finds itself at the center of a Yearbook Scandal.

While students are allowed to pick their own pictures for publication, the Powers That Be nixed the photo (below) of Sydney Spies. Originally, the Durango Herald reported that school officials made the call -- but students on the yearbook staff have claimed responsibility for the ban.

According to the Daily What, Brian Jaramillio, an editor, said: “We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional."

Spies, who says she chose the photo with her mother, believes the staff was told what to do.

“The editors all turned their backs on me and changed their minds", said Spies. "I really do feel like they were intimidated by the principal.”

You be the judge: Is this photo fit for a yearbook picture?


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