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Dunn Convicted Of Attempted Second-Degree Murder For Shooting At Teens

Michael David Dunn has been convicted on four charges for shooting into an SUV full of teenagers.

Dunn fired 10 bullets at the teens during an argument over loud music in a gasoline station parking lot.  

He claimed it was self-defense, but no weapon was found in the teens' SUV and Dunn never called the police before or after the altercation.

The jury convicted Dunn on four charges, including three for attempted second-degree murder.

The jury could not decide on the charge of murder, so there was no verdict on the first-degree murder charge in the death of 17-year-old Jordan Davis, reports CNN.

Three of the nine bullets that hit the car struck Davis in the rear passenger seat.  None of the other teens were hit by the gunfire.

Davis’ parents left the courtroom in tears.

Cory Strolla, Dunn’s lawyer, said his client was in disbelief over the verdicts.

"Even as he sat next to me, he asked, how is this happening," Strolla said. "... It has not set in. I don't think it will set in anytime soon."

Dunn faces at least 60 years in prison based on the 20-year minimum mandatory sentence for each count of second-degree murder.

Dunn was also convicted of shooting or throwing a deadly missile. The felony conviction is punishable by up to 15 years in prison, reports USA Today.

"You are looking at basically at life in prison," Strolla said. "At 47 years old, that's a life sentence regardless of count one."

Strolla plans on challenging the convictions.

With the first-degree murder charge being declared a mistrial by Circuit Judge Russell Healey, State Attorney Angela Corey said her office would retry Dunn.

"Justice for Jordan Davis is as important as it is for any victim," said Corey.


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