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'Would You Drink It?': Cop Receives Dunkin' Donuts Cup With '#BlackLivesMatter' Written On It


A Providence, Rhode Island, police officer was shocked when the coffee he ordered at Dunkin’ Donuts on Oct. 2 included the phrase “#blacklivesmatter” written on it by an employee.

Fellow officer William O’Donnell posted a photo of the cup on Facebook, reports.

“So my coworker just went to get a coffee at Dunkin Donuts on Atwells Avenue in Providence. The worker was immediately rude, and didn’t appear to want to serve him in Uniform. Upon leaving he noticed what she wrote on his coffee cup. #blacklivesmatter,” O’Donnell wrote alongside the photo.

“Would you drink it? My suggestion…….absolutely not, go to Starbucks," the post continued. "When is this silliness going to end. But if the store gets robbed she’d be calling us immediately to help AND we will because that’s what we do!!!!!!!!!”

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In response to the incident, the Providence Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 — the union that represents active and retired members of the Providence Police Department — issued a statement condemning the message, reports.

“Providence FOP #3 finds this action to be unacceptable and discouraging. Members of this Union, who represent active and retired Providence Police officers adamantly, believe that ‘all lives matter’,” the statement, which was issued on Oct. 4, read.

“The negativity displayed by the #Blacklivesmatter organization towards Police across this nation is creating a hostile environment that is not resolving any problems or issues, but making it worse for our communities," the statement continued.

Dunkin’ Brands subsequently released an statement on Oct. 4, acknowledging the incident and apologizing on behalf of the franchise.

“Dunkin’ Donuts and our franchisees want all guests to be treated well in our restaurants,” the company's statement to read. “The franchisee has apologized on behalf of the employee to the police and very much regrets the situation.”

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