Dunkin' Donuts Employee Was Allegedly Selling Drugs

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Authorities say a Pennsylvania Dunkin' Donuts employee was selling drugs while working.

Nathan Pizzardi, 35, allegedly sold methamphetamine and heroin on the job while sometimes wearing his drive-thru window headset, reports Pennlive.com.

According to police, Pizzardi sold the drugs in the Denver, Pennsylvania, Dunkin' Donuts parking lot. He would also sometimes switch locations, choosing to sell near a local convenience store while wearing his work uniform.

Pizzardi is now behind bars on in lieu of $80,000 bail and has been charged with two felonies.

News of Pizzardi's alleged crime quickly captured the attention of the internet.

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Surprisingly, most readers were more amused than appalled. Many cracked jokes about the news.

"Wait, Dunkin’ Donuts didn’t ALREADY have highly addictive drugs in them?!?" wrote one person under 6abc Action News' Facebook post about the incident. "You coulda fooled me!!"

"I guess that wasn't powdered sugar I was eating the other day," commented another.

"Welcome to Dunk, Would you like a high with that??" joked a third.

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Some mocked the man for selling drugs at a place where police tend to visit.

"Stupid is as stupid does... Selling drugs in the most likely place to find a cop... People like this should never breed," wrote one person on 6abc Action News' Facebook post about the incident.

Some commenters had a more depressing view of the alleged crime.

"Guess he had to supplement his income," said one person. "Shame on the US for not increasing minimum wage. It's all Trump's fault."

It's not the first time police arrested a drive-thru restaurant employee for selling drugs.

In October, a McDonald's manager in the Bronx, New York, was arrested after he was caught selling drugs to the restaurant's customers.

Frank Guerrero, 26, was working as a night shift manager when police caught him, Inside Edition reports.

Authorities say they had spent three months investigating Guerrero as part of "Operation Off the Menu."

Guerrero allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover officer multiple times, often hiding the drugs inside the meal. On another occasion, he sold the police officer drugs in the restaurant's bathroom.

In total, the man is accused of selling the officer nearly $10,900 worth of drugs.

When they searched Guerrero’s home, police say they found 200 grams of cocaine and about $5,300 hidden inside his 2-year-old son’s playroom.

Guerrero was charged with criminal sale of a controlled substance, criminal possession of a controlled substance, criminally using drug paraphernalia and unlawfully dealing with a child.

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