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Dunkin' Donuts Apologizes For Shocking Message On Cup

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A Dunkin' Donuts coffee shop in Kirkwood, Missouri, blamed a shipping mixup for beverages being sold in coffee cups that promoted NHL team Chicago Blackhawks.

The store served coffee in cups that read “Dunkin' Donuts: official coffee of the Chicago Blackhawks,” which prompted outrage considering the hockey team had just begun a playoff series against local team, the St. Louis Blues.

“That’s disgusting,” one fan said when KMOV showed one of the cups to customers. “They can’t do that here.”

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Dunkin' Donuts later released a statement to KMOV explaining the incident. 

“Due to an untimely shipping error from the regional distribution center," the statement read. "Being a local business owner and fan of the hometown team, the franchisee plans to switch out the cups as soon as they receive a new shipment.”

The cups were later removed from the store.

Dunkin' Donuts made headlines in October 2015 after a Providence, Rhode Island, police officer received his cup from a worker with the phrase “#blacklivesmatter” written on it.

“So my coworker just went to get a coffee Dunkin Donuts on Atwells Ave in Providence. The worker was immediately rude, and didn't appear to want to serve him in uniform. Upon leaving he noticed what she wrote on his coffee cup...#blacklivesmatter. ? Would you drink it? My suggestion...absolutely not, go to Starbucks. When is this silliness going to end. But if the store gets robbed she'll be calling us immediately to help AND we will because that's what we do!!!!" a Facebook post alongside a picture of the cup read. 

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“We have to look at the possibility if "Black Lives Matter" is on the cup, is there anything else going into the cup? That is a possibility, given what's going on around the country. If a guy goes in for a cup of coffee at a place we know, where we're patrons at, and they've always been great with us, do we have to worry?” Providence Police patrolman Mike Lamondi told GoLocal. 

“This is unacceptable -- all lives matter. We took great offense. Has it gotten to the point everywhere we go, do we have to wonder if someone is going to try and slip us something and without us knowing? Where does it end?"

Sources: KMOV, GoLocal / Photo credit: KMOV, GoLocal, Consumerist Dot Com/Flickr

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