Students Win Right To Wear 'Dump Trump' T-Shirts (Photo)


Racial tensions at a Newport Beach, California, public school have reportedly intensified after a group of Latino students fought for - and won - the right to wear "Dump Trump" shirts to Newport Harbor High School.  

The Newport Beach school has a student population that is 58 percent white and 36 percent Hispanic, with the two groups rarely intermingling socially, often choosing to sit on opposite sides of the room during lunch, according to NBC News.

Many of the white students reportedly wore "Make America Great Again" shirts during the Republican primary (the presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump's campaign tagline), prompting the Latino students to respond in kind with "Dump Trump" shirts of their own.  

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The Latino students have also said that racial and ethnic slurs and remarks such as "wetbacks" and "go back to Mexico" were written in chalk around campus in April.

"I think Trump has made people feel that it's okay for them to speak so badly about immigrants," Susan Chingay, a 16-year-old student at Newport Harbor High School, told NBC News.

According to Chingay, after a student was punched at an anti-Trump rally on April 29, she and five of her friends decided to wear the "Dump Trump" shirts.

"When he came out with his speech about how Mexico sends rapists and criminals, that hit home for me," Chingay, whose mother immigrated from Mexico over 20 years ago and currently does not have legal status, said. "I felt that I needed to speak up."

But school principal Sean Boulton told the students to remove the shirts due to safety concerns. The students, however, refused to do so and noted that the request was unfair, since the white students had been allowed to wear pro-Trump shirts.

"The principal told us how he was afraid of what was going to happen to us, but we told him he couldn't silence us like that," Anthony Agama, one of the students who wore the "Dump Trump" shirt, said. "We told him we have a right to wear them."

Annette Franco, public relations officer for the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, said Boulton initially asked the Latino students to remove their shirts "to prevent disturbances" in class. However, after speaking to the students, he decided to allow them to wear their anti-Trump shirts.

The Latino students said they plan to wear the same anti-Trump shirts on May 6 when they'll be meeting with the principal, along with parents and students who support Trump. The school set up the meeting to help ease tensions between the two groups.

Sources: Inquisitr, NBC News / Photo Credits: CNN, Twitter via Inquisitr

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