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'Dumbest Criminals Ever' Self-Incriminate With Selfies On Stolen Gadgets

A few Houston-area thieves self-incriminated themselves in mind-numbingly dumb fashion recently.

The two men broke into a truck belonging to a man named Randy Schaefer. Inside the truck, they found a bag containing $5,000 cash, an iPad and a MacBook. Within hours, the men were posing with their loot and taking selfies with the gadgets they’d just snagged. That’s when Schaefer checked his iCloud account.

There, right in front of his face, were all of the photos the thieves were taking. He downloaded the pictures immediately and handed them over to the police — but he didn’t stop there. He also posted the photos to the Houston subsection of reddit. Within no time, people who recognized the men came forward with details about their identities and whereabouts.

Soon after, someone forwarded Schaefer a video the men posted to YouTube in which they’re sitting in a Burger King showing off their money:

Pretty cringe-worthy, eh? As of right now, the police are still searching for the men. Given how much information about them is out there, though, it’s likely just a matter of time until they’re caught.

Reddit user tvngo summarized the mess up best.

“F*cking idiots,” tvngo wrote. “They had to brag about their ‘hustle’, take pictures and video on a stolen iPad and give out their names. Dumbest criminals ever.”

Sources: Reddit, ABC13 / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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