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Dumb Jewelry Thief Leaves Behind Cell Phone With Selfie At Scene Of Crime

A London man may have won the award for dumbest criminal ever after leaving behind his cell phone with a picture of himself at the scene of his latest jewelry store robbery.

Germain Ibrahim Fofana, 27, reportedly stole over $22,000 in jewelry from a British store back in May, but before fleeing the scene, he accidentally left his cell phone that included a selfie as a screensaver. Reports say that Fofana and a female accomplice walked into the London jewelry store with a child in their buggy, asking to look at engagement rings. Thirty minutes later, Fofana returned to the store alone and asked to look at two different rings that he had previously viewed, and when the store clerk handed them over, he immediately took off running.

“In his hurry to get out of the shop, the suspect left his mobile phone on the table alongside his bag,” said Detective Sergeant Damion Cumming. “While police were on the scene the phone lit up, having received a text message, and a picture of the suspect was saved as the background. It was the shop assistant, who served him, who was able to identify the person in the picture.”

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Thanks to the picture that was saved as the background of his phone, police were able to track down Fofana and link him to a string of other jewelry store robberies that occurred recently.

Now, Fofana has pleaded guilty to nine counts of theft and one count of attempted theft. All in all, the chain of robberies added up to over $300,000 in stolen items.

“You have showed yourself to be a prolific thief,” said Judge Lionel Percy QC in court. “The modus operandi was that you went into a shop and asked to see items of jewellery [sic] and would snatch the jewellery [sic] and run off. Your conduct was aggressive and items were of high value and a significant degree of pre-planning went into these thefts and were distressing to staff members. I have seen a statement from Links where staff were traumatised [sic] and additional security training had to be put in place and it is a severely aggravating feature that seven of the thefts were committed while you were on bail.”

It’s not clear if the female accomplice was ever charged for the robbery.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro UK


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