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Duke Lacrosse Rape Accuser Crystal Magnum Convicted Of Second-Degree Murder

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For a while, the Duke University lacrosse sexual assault scandal was national news, a symbol of America’s growing rape culture that occurred all-too-frequently at unsuspecting institutes of higher learning and by heralded athletes. At the center of the case against the lacrosse players was Crystal Magnum, the woman whose accusations ultimately were found to be falsely-created. Now, several years after those accusations and the subsequent media fiasco, Magnum has been found guilty of second-degree murder. 

A North Carolina jury recently handed Magnum the decision of guilty in a case involved the stabbing of her boyfriend Reginald Daye. Ten days after the stabbing, Daye died at Duke University Hospital, in April 2011. 

Throughout the trial, Magnum admitted to the stabbing but plead self-defense, explaining that Daye was beating her when she grabbed a knife and “poked him in the side.” 

According to Fox 8 WGHP, Defense attorney Daniel Meier repeatedly attempted to characterize his clients actions as self-defense based on the nature of the event that occurred. 

“He was bigger than her. He was on top of her. He was choking her. [She gave him a] single stab wound to the flank,” Meier said. 

Eventually, however, Assistant District Attorney Charlene Franks won over the jury, who was deliberating over giving Magnum first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter or not guilty. 

Franks explained that the case had nothing to do with Magnum's past involvement with the Duke lacrosse scandal, according to WRAL.

"Whatever happened as far as Duke lacrosse or anything else, it was not about that. It was not about 'THE Crystal Magnum.' It was about Reginald Daye and what occurred April 3, 2011," Franks said after the case had ended.

Magnum has been sentenced to 170 to 216 months in prison for the crime. 


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