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Dublin Man Stabbed, Killed in Fight Over Chess Move

Dublin man Tom O’Gorman was brutally stabbed and killed in an attack over a game of chess, police believe.

The attack occurred at a house on Beech Park Avenue just before 2 a.m., over an alleged bad chess move.

Police arrived at the house later after a 999 call was placed and found O’Gorman with his throat cut and other parts of his body stabbed. They also found the man who had caused alarm and detained him on the scene.

According to Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, the 34-year-old Italian national can be detained for up to 24 hours without charge.

O’Gorman’s body remained in the house overnight and underwent an exam in the morning. It was then moved to the city morgue for a full autopsy.

O’Gorman worked as a researcher for the Iona Institute, a Catholic advocacy group that promotes marriage and religion in society. The group’s leader and social commentator David Quinn expressed his shock at O’Gorman’s death.

“He was a fond and dear friend and we will all miss him,” Quinn said. “We extend our deepest commiserations to his family.”

Sources: The Irish Times, Metro


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